Author: Jeannie King

Soft Robotic Fingers Use The Gecko-Inspired Coating For Some Heavy Lifting

Using modern robot models for manipulation of various objects is a standard procedure in the robotics industry. What varies is the range of their capabilities. This refers to the type of objects robots are capable of manipulating. The texture and size of these objects as finally the total weight of the object. Other parameters influence the effectiveness, such as stability of the contact, precision of manipulation and durability of the contact. Robots performing these types of tasks are known as soft fingers robots. The development and utilization of these robots are constantly expanding. Breaking news was NASA using these...

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Robots Are Older Than You Think

Regardless of the popular culture beliefs and general robotics news associated hysteria, the notion of robotics far from a new form of technology. History books reveal that robots have been around for a long time. The very first documented creation of a functioning robot was an invention of Jacques de Vaucanson in 1738. Since then, many have tried and succeeded in building these extraordinary machines, even as the field of robotics has expanded in new directions.Today, you can get just about all sorts of robots to perform various tasks, or even no task at all (pet robots!). For instance,...

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Demine Robotics Use Husky UGV For Landmine Excavation

As a consequence of various military and similar activities, many countries worldwide are struggling with a serious issue – damages, and injuries caused by landmines. Over 8 thousand various casualties occurred during one year at many landmine fields when the team of mechanical engineers and software developers decided to come up with a safer solution for the demining process. Up until then, experts used to remove landmines by active exploring landmine fields on-foot, detecting landmines and removing them more or less manually. The idea was to construct a robot, automated device, to perform this risky task on behalf. The...

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