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Welcome to the official presentation of Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio, feel free to enter the amazing world of robots and high-tech programmed devices. Modern technology is reaching superb innovations and solutions that will dominate the future. Currently, robots vacuum, clean, drive, pet, nurse, perform surgical operations and here you will find out more other functions.


Robotics Software Development

The dominant field of interest in our team is the development of various software designed to control modern robot models. Our engineers are dedicated to the research and development of brand new software, as well as to the development of software for the models you want us to program.

Custom Robot Development

If you present the functions and traits you’d like a robot to have and perform, our team of experts and engineers will create a scheme, thorough plans and finally conduct development and construction of the customized robot you’ve specified.


Quite often, we throw various seminars, workshops and specific training to everyone interested in robotics, particularly industrial robots. Here you’ll get an exquisite education, develop skills and learn schemes necessary to develop your creative ideas regarding robotics and to construct some not-so-complex robot models.


“I’m a student of Electronic and automatic systems, and robotics is my field of interest. This blog provides myriad of useful, up-to-date articles I often read and explore further to expand my overall knowledge on the matter and stay updated.” Jane Smith

“The construction of various small robots programmed to perform routine housework is something of a hobby for me. After trying out a few programmable robot kits, I read about it and finally created some models on my own by following schemes found in various papers. This website’s been very helpful.”


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